Extreme Dimensions Supports Toys For Tots

This crew opened up their hearts and their parking lot today.

Extreme Dimensions in Fullerton, CA hosted their own Toys For Tots event, collecting toys, games & sports equipment for kids and sending a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters during what can be a tough time of year for families who struggle to survive.

At TunersCare we love a Toys For Tots car show and attend our local one here in Seattle every year, and not just because it's an excuse to go shopping for toys, although that is a great reason to love it! We love making kids smile and giving them hope, and we also really believe that our own kids should us all doing good work for others because that's what will inspire them to be better grown-ups. Toys For Tots is a great organization, founded from within the US Marine Corps in 1995 and now involved with hundreds of donation drives all over the country. A lot of those donation drives are car shows, hosted by generous teams like the one at Extreme Dimensions. We're really proud of them for giving us a great example of how #TunersGiveBack!

Check out the incredible aero products at Extreme Dimensions and if you are nearby Fullerton stop in to let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to kids! Or hit them up on Twitter (@ExtDimensions) and give them some props for their generosity!