Car Culture Kids Books Available for Pre-Order

Seattle, WA - September 1, 2016 - The first in a new series of early-reader (age 0-5) books aimed at introducing kids to car culture is available for pre-order today via Kickstarter. This first book, “Nicky Is Stanced Out”, tells the story of a feisty compact car whose oversize wheels and tires create a new challenge when finding his social niche. Written and illustrated by longtime car club and motorsports enthusiasts, these stories have a gear-head twist but still feature a positive message, and every book sale includes a donation to support children’s health.

The story will be published in a hardcover edition sized at 8" x 5" (20.3 x 5.7cm)  easier for toddlers’ hands. Delivery is estimated for December 2016 for the printed books; digital copies will be delivered in October 2016. Pricing for a printed copy starts at $14 USD which includes shipping anywhere in the USA. International orders have an additional shipping fee depending on destination. The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 3, 2016, and a minimum of 500 copies must be sold by that date to move forward with the printing process.

Details about the book are available at and the Kickstarter page is at culture-for-early-re

TunersCare is a Seattle-based social venture business dedicated to encouraging positive social and charitable acts within the auto enthusiast community. This is their first entry into book publishing; this story is the first in a series and production is underway on the second character’s story. Learn more about TunersCare at or follow at or