Publishing Original Children's Books is the only publishing company dedicated specifically to children's books and to the genre of the auto industry, motorsports and car culture.  Most children's printers are focused elsewhere and certainly aren't heavily involved in the auto industry, but we are!  TunersCare publishes only car culture stories and is an active member of local and national car culture communities.  We are a SEMA member - the Specialty Equipment Market Association, - and we sponsor and organize local car enthusiast meetup groups.  Ask that of any other children's book publisher!

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Quality And a Mission

Here at we are dedicated to publishing amazing books that kids will love.  We focus on high-quality softcover and hardback printing that will deliver treasured books, and on delivering value both to customers and their kids but also to the charities we support.


High-Quality Printing

With all final design, approvals, and layout performed in the USA by our team and our print manufacturing partners, we can ensure that stories are produced exactly as envisioned.  High-quality offshore printers keep costs low and make sure the retail price of the books can match the audience.  We think this balance works really well. 


Stories With An Impact

A TunersCare-published story should have a positive message or moral.  It should of course focus on the culture and topics of the automotive enthusiast world.  And a portion of the sales of any TunersCare story should be dedicated to a charity that supports children's health.  These are the tenets of TunersCare and readers can count on any TunersCare publishing project to meet those expectations.