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Raising a future gearhead?

This unique series of bedtime-story picture books features stories directly from the worlds of motorsports, car clubs, weekend mechanics, and car enthusiasts.  If you consider yourself one of those people, your kids need these books, so you can start to pass on your hobby to them at an early age!


 parent to the next Andretti?

Maybe you're like me and you have a fearless niece that seems destined to exceed 200 mph for a living, who just needs a little guidance.  If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, or just favorite kid in your life that you want to introduce to car culture and automotive hobbies at an early age, those kids need these books!


This isn't Disney

Don't get me wrong, we love Disney's automotive characters.  But these are stories Disney won't be telling.  Yes, they are still fun, quick, colorful stories full of endearing characters with a strong positive moral ... but they also always include a few car-world terms and concepts to learn from the "alternative" car cultures.


Talk cars with your kids

  We want to tell authentic stories ripped from the lives of auto enthusiasts of all walks, that spur your own stories of rides loved and lost, that give you something special to talk about with your kids.  So you can tell them the story about your first car, about your day at the race track, about your engine build.  Make talking about cars - real cars, real mechanical terms, real racing concepts - a normal part of your kid's day.  Inspire their curiosity!  You'll be putting them to sleep in no time with your detailed retelling about that time you had to completely rewire the starter system in a '68 Chevelle on the side of a rainy highway. 


Grab the digital download free!

Check it out for yourself, read it to your kid tonight on your iPad.  Hey, it's 2018, your kid probably has their own!  If they like it and want to read it again, you can come back and order a hardcover copy.  Every copy that's ordered makes a donation to our featured charity!  So you're helping kids who need your help at the same time!